Trading luxuries, using Corporate Pilots (despite bugs):

The best method I've found to make credits is to transport luxuries from Washbo/Yiing Luxury Station to Sendai/Fevarn T2 Hub Station. It is important to be able to travel from Washbo to Sendai, and have the anomaly to Sendai, which is found in Druma using the Scan Probe skill. The corporate pilot skill is very unreliable becuase of how buggy it is. First of all, it can be confusing exactly what is going to happen when go through the Route menus. Second, the pilots often stop mid-route and do nothing. If you can, avoid sending the pilots on long distance runs because they will spend hours of playtime running back and forth over the same systems trying to get to their Home station with your hard-earned credits tied up in thier whimsical journey.

My method is to take my fastest ship to Washbo/Toalla. I route my transport ship, which is docked in Washbo/Toalla. Here are the steps: Route → Buy/Sell → Washbo → Yiing Luxury Station → Luxuries(which will display as "2016" in the route summary before you click Accept) → Sell → Accept.

Now, the Corporate Pilots are buggy, but you can easily work around the bugs so long as you are in the same system as the pilot. After accepting the route, the transport ship will make the short trek to Yiing, dock at Yiing, buy all the items it can depending on cargo space and credits available, and then head back to Washbo to sell. Luxuries cost 27,000 credits at Yiing, but sell for 57,000 credits at Sendai/Fevarn. Washbo/Toalla luxuries only cost 33,000 credits, so we want to make sure the luxuries aren't sold there. In order to do so, we need to wait until the transport ship buys the luxuries at Yiing, then go to Quarters inside the Toalla station, click Factions, then click the Dangerous faction. Find the transport ship with the luxuries, which should be on the return trip back to Toalla. Click "Send Home" sometime before the transport ship makes it back to Toalla. Sending the transport ship home tells it to come home and cancel its route instructions. So, what ends up happening is the transport ship docks in Toalla, but doesn't sell the luxuries and holds them in its cargo. Ensure that your transport ship is "Docked" in Toalla and that you can select it. If the transport ship still says "Running," you need to get it docked.

If the transport ship is bugged, take your main ship and Launch from the hangar, and then immediately dock again. Doing so should get the transport ship moving again. You need to be in The same system as the transport ship for this method to work.

Finally, take your fast ship to Sendai by travelling from Washbo to Druma, and then from Druma take the anomaly to Sendai. Dock at Sendi/Fevarn, then click "Use" on the transport ship with the luxuries. The transport ship is now at the Sendai/Fevarn station. With the transport ship in use, launch from the hangar with it, and then immediately dock again. Once you dock, you will get the windowmasking to Sell or Unload the cargo. Click "Sell Cargo" and all the luxuries are immediately sold.

I can make this whole run in about 10 to 15 minutes.

Trading Ships

If you want to control the entire buy/sell process, trade ships. If you can make it to the Sendai system through the Druma anomaly, ship trading can be profitable. Sendai is 6-8 hops from most ship stations. In Aliwen/Zarvane, a Hades capital ship costs 666 million credits and in Sendai the same ship costs/sells for 1.48 billion credits, which is a 814 million credit profit. Likewise, in Sypint/Fizvarn, a Gaia freighter costs 765 million credits and in Sendai the same ship costs/sells for 1.615 billion credits, which is a 850 million credit profit. Personally, I like the Hades ship profit because it is two less hops. Nonetheless, the same is true for most other types of ships.