What I wish I knew from the start:

  • Assemble/Package Ships: When you purchase/acquire new ships, you MUST "Assemble" them before you can use them, and to sell a ship, it must be "Packaged" (disassembled). Packaged ships do not show up on your ship count/locator window in the Factions screen. They only show up in the Hangar Ships list that you can only see when your in the station where the ship is Packaged. So, if you buy a ship, do not Assemble it, and go on about your adventures, it is easy forget where the Packaged ship is sitting. So, the only way to locate that ship is to fly around from station to station until you see it in the Hangar Ships list. So, Assemble all ships immediately if you're not intending to sell those ships at that very moment.
  • Selling Ships: If you are at a station where you want to sell a ship, be sure to first, "Use" the ship, then, "Package" the ship to sell it. Only Packaged ships can be sold in the Market. However, if you click "Package" on a ship without using it first, the ship will Package at the station where it's currently sitting. You can't sell a ship that is Packaged in another station. By clicking "Use" first, the ship is instantly and magically transported to your current station. Then, you can Package it to sell. If you accidentally Package first, and the ship ends up Packaged in another station, immediately close Force Quit the app (double-tap the Home button to bring up the Task Switcher and then close out the app) before the game can be saved. Restart the app, and you will load just to the instant when you arrived at the station with the ship still Assembled.
  • Fixing a bugged Corporate Pilot: If one of your Corporate Pilots gets stuck in limbo during a Route, go to the system where the pilot is currently located. Doing so will cause the pilot to get back on track in it's Route instructions. If you're already in the same System, Dock/Undock or travel to another station to get the pilot moving again.